Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The sushi macker

This is to make sea water into clean water and you get salt and seaweed to make suishi 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

There's a nice soul in everyone

There’s A Nice Soul In Everyone

Sand dunes as high as mountains stood amongst the ancient desert. Violently winds whipped up sand storms that battered against the entrances of the sand people's homes.

Elsewhere in the desert were the Egyptian soldiers with their golden armour, swords and shields as hard as bedrock. The soldiers were known for their incredible strength and determination.

The soldiers would travel the desert to collect resources keeping an eye out for the sand people. The soldiers knew that if they ran into them they would steal their supplies and leave them alone with nothing.

One day the king announced that soldier 142 had to set out for supplies. The soldiers had to do what the king said so he set out into the desert for supplies. The soldier got out in the desert and found what he needed but as he was turning round he saw the sand people coming home. Before he knew it the sand people were right in front of him. They circled round him and stole his supplies and killed his horse.

The only hope the soldier had was for a sand storm to take him away to a better place. He walked in a straight line for hours on end with the sand people looking down on him like owls at night, they laughed at him with no care but there was one that felt bad for him. He tried to tell the others that they were wrong to steal from the soldiers but they just laughed at him even louder.

The sand person followed the soldier into the desert. Hearing footsteps behind him the soldier turned around. The soldier thought the sand person was going to kill him but the sand person instead held out some water and bread.

The sand person pointed the soldier to the direction of his kingdom and wished him well on his journey. The soldier knew the sand person had risked his life to help him and had with a small act of kindness had probably saved his life.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her and her grandmother doted on her still more.
One day the country girl decided to set out to deliver muffins to her dearest grandmother. The country girl had a blood red cape, hair as black as coal, and grey eyes the colour of a coming storm. The red hooded girl carried a woven basket with freshly baked goods inside through the woods.

The woods was an interesting place with pine trees as tall as giant trolls, and birds screaming at each other among the rotten, gnarled branches. Signs warned people of falling trees. The tracks through the forest were covered by dead grass.

The forest was also home to a wolf. The wolf had battle scars from ferocious fights with forest beasts and muscular paws for chasing his prey. The hooded girl approached the familiar sight of her grandmother’s cottage, but something was different. The door was ajar. She swung the old door open. Grannys bed sheets were on the ground with blood stains on them.

Suddenly a knock came from behind Red, she turned around with the axe that was resting against the fireplace and hit the wolf in the neck with all her might. The wolf went down suddenly. Little Red Riding Hood heard noise coming from the kitchen. Granny walked around the corner and said in a soft voice “I just spilt some tomato sauce on the ground and was just cleaning it up”. Granny also said did you see the wolf he was coming over for sausage rolls and muffins” “Oh my god Red what have you done?”.

Little Red Riding Hood was eventually sentenced for her crime and had to learn a very hard lesson “think before you act!”.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Running as fast as i could,i bump through the player...

Then I look side to side like a crocodile looking for it's prey then I pass to John then John kicks it over the rugby post like he was a machine.Me and the team went  and jumped on to John because he had scored the first goal of the game.

The people were shouting because of the goal that john had scored and they were screaming their heads off like a chihuahua's head in a chimpanzee. The crowed went wild. Me and the team lined back up the other team staring at us. We played on for good hour, it was 23-25 to the other team, we thought that we had lost the game because there was only 15 mins to go. I thought to myself we got the first try so we can score the winning try. We kick off to them. We tackled and tackled until they got to the last tackle. They got tired slowly then finally I dived it was right there and then I scored.The team jumped did on me and
the ending buzzer went off we won.

I worked with Tyrone from Waikowhai Intermediate on a shared piece of writing.My writing is in blue.